Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hill Country Places: MAXEY CEMETERY

by Terry Thornton

One of the most interesting Hill Country cemeteries is Maxey Cemetery on Hadaway Bottom Road near Smithville. (Left click on the images and map in this article for larger views)

This fall and winter I plan to photograph all of the grave markers there and prepare a transcription of the names of individuals buried at Maxey Cemetery.

The earliest known inventory of Maxey Cemetery is the one done in May 1938 by W.A. Evans assisted by Horace Baker and Frank Crawford.

The names from Evans' 1938 transcription of Maxey Cemetery are included within the larger index of Online Cemetery Records, Monroe County, which I prepared in 2006. That index may be viewed by clicking here and following the post numbers from 2150 through 2173.

A more recent inventory of Maxey Cemetery is that of Patricia Horne. Her transcription can be found at Monroe County Genealogy and History Web Site.

I plan to provide links to the photographs of each grave marker on the transcription/inventory planned for later in 2009 using my account at Flickr. Meanwhile, here are three images of the cemetery as I found it in August 2009.


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Horne, Patricia. Maxey Cemetery. Monroe County Genealogy and History Web Site. Cemetery transcription revised and updated 2002.

Map to Maxey Cemetery modified from the Mississippi Department of Transportation current highway map of Monroe County. Full map available online at

Photographs of Maxey Cemetery, August 23, 2009, by Terry Thornton, Fulton, Mississippi. All Rights Reserved.

Thornton, Terry. Index to Online Cemetery Records, Monroe County MS. Posted at Monroe County GenForum, September 11, 2006, message numbers 2150 - 2173.

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