Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Hill Country Hootie Hoo --- An Epitaph

Special to Hill County. Submitted by I.J. Porcum, IV.

An Epitaph

May 1, 1763 - March 4, 2010

Here sit the stone
Below lie the bones
Of a man whose words
Were rarely conjugated verbs.

The number of his subjects
Never matched his action word
But write he did
With abandon, free as a bird.

His only use of grammar
Was to prove what
A rabbit could do
To a log. Pitiful prepositions.

A kreative speler,
A sprinkler of commas,
Was he -- our
Most challenged fellow.

Of rhyming patterns
Or rules of writing
Died he, Witless
But, oh, so blissful.

Mr. Porcum passed to the great beyond, called home so-to-speak, appropriately on March 4, the National Grammar Day, during, a bad, attack, of, punctuation.