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MORRISON CEMETERY, Monroe County, Mississippi

Index of burials based upon names found on the grave markers,

March 15, 2010

by Terry Thornton

The following alphabetized index was transcribed from the names on grave markers in Morrison Cemetery. The grave markers in the cemetery were photographed on March 15, 2010.

Morrison Cemetery is located on the west side of Cowden Road north-northeast of Hatley. A sign marks the cemetery; there is a driveway for off-road parking. The cemetery contains about one acre and has, at present, twenty burials.

The index below contains the individual's surname, given name(s), year of birth, year of death, name of cemetery, and the image number of the grave marker photograph which also serves as a link (click to view). The abbreviation nod means "no other date."

Researchers are advised to view the grave marker photographs to determine the exact spelling of names, to establish the complete dates of birth and death, and to ascertain the relationships of individuals sharing markers.

ALLRED, Amanda Beth, 1986, 2006, Morrison, img 4979

DAVIS, Nell M., 1926, 1966, Morrison, img 4965*

LINDSEY, Cordie Lucille, 1925, 1996, Morrison, img 4977

MAES, Millicent, 1914, 1998, Morrison, img 4975

MORRISON, Bill, 1891, 1968, Morrison, img 4969*

MORRISON, Chattie Bell, 1904, 1963, Morrison, img 4969*

MORRISON, Fannie, 1862, 1968, Morrison, img 4971

MORRISON, Ivy, 1921, 1969, Morrison, img 4972

MORRISON, John, 1852, 1921, Morrison, img 4971

MURPHY, Johnie F., 1918, nod, Morrison, img 4970

MURPHY, Johnnie G., 1927, 1983, Morrison, img 4970

STRAWBRIDGE, Carolyn Jane, 1945, 2003, Morrison, img 4978

STRAWBRIDGE, James Elmer, 1927, nod, Morrison, img 4978

THOMPSON, Melena Morrison, 1929, 2007, Morrison, img 4973

VAN HOOK, Oscar P., 1949, nod, Morrison, img 4964

VAN HOOK, Wanda K., 1952, 2009, Morrison, img 4964

WALTERS, Newtie, 1904, nod, Morrison, img 4976

WALTERS, Will, 1892, 1973, Morrison, img 4976

WARNER, J. Louise, 1910, 2000, Morrison, img 4974

WARNER, Woodrow W., 1913, 1989, Morrison, img 4974

*Originally interred at Clover-Ridge Cemetery, Itawamba County, Mississippi; relocated to Morrison Cemetery, Monroe County, Mississippi.

Thanks to Sherman Thornton, Amory, Mississippi, for his help in photographing the grave markers.

Additional reading: For an earlier transcription of Morrison Cemetery, see Patricia Horne's April 2006 transcription of the burials online at

The Morrison and Davis burials mentioned above as originally at Clover-Ridge Cemetery, Itawamba County, are indexed in that cemetery by Betty Burton-Cruber in the early 1970s in her Cemetery Markings.

Index and grave marker photographs copyright © 2010. William T. "Terry" Thornton, Fulton, Mississippi. All Rights Reserved.

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