Thursday, April 15, 2010

PICKLE CEMETERY, Monroe County, Mississippi --- An Introduction

by Terry Thornton

Pickle Cemetery is located in the historic community of Sipsey Fork in eastern Monroe County, Mississippi. Lying along the edge of the fertile Sipsey and Mill Creek Bottom farming region, the burying ground contains names of many of the pioneering families of Hill Country. The cemetery is well maintained and continues to receive burials. It is an easy cemetery to locate and and an easy cemetery to visit. The map below gives general directions. Click map for larger image.

On April 6 and 13, 2010, the grave markers in Pickle Cemetery were photographed. Three-hundred sixty-nine names were found within the cemetery and there is evidence of numerous other burials in unmarked graves or in graves marked without names.

The 369 names on the markers were transcribed and are presented in three articles which follow. This alphabetized inventory of names contains surname, given names or initials, year of birth, year of death, name of cemetery, and an image number which serves as a link to the phorograph of the grave marker.

The grave marker images are housed at an account (HillCountryMonroeCounty) at Flickr at Click the image number for a link to the photograph. Researchers are advised to view the grave marker images to determine the exact name(s) of the individual, a complete birth and death date, and to learn more about the relationships of individuals within the cemetery. Photographs may be enlarged for greater detail.

The inventory contains the following elements and/or abbreviations: nd means "no dates"; nod means "no other date"; added material is enclosed within brackets [ ]; a line indicates missing or unreadable material; a question mark indicates little confidence in the transcription. Readers are encouraged to submit corrections and to report broken or improper links by using the email posted above or by submitting a comment to this article (see information below).

Below are two additional general photographs of Pickle Cemetery and a short video made of the cemetery.

Click the start button at left to view video

Click to go to the inventory of names in the following articles:


Map showing Pickle Cemetery modified from Mississippi Department of Transportation Official Highway Map of Monroe County. Full map available from

Photographs and video of Pickle Cemetery, April 2010, by Terry Thornton, Fulton, Mississippi.

Pickle Cemetery Inventory and Photographs of Grave Markers copyright © 2010. William T. "Terry" Thornton, Fulton, Mississippi. All Rights Reserved.

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