Monday, May 17, 2010

Hills, Horses, and High-flying Flags: Hill Country Ramblin's

by Terry Thornton

Sunday afternoon, May 16, after an evening of heavy rains and flash flood warnings, Sweetie and I decided to drive through the Hill Country of eastern Monroe County. And we were so glad we did --- the roads were passable and the trees were all washed clean of the pollen and so brilliant in their new greens for summer. Never have I seen foliage so full on trees --- even the oaks are hanging heavy from the weight of so many leaves.

Below is a photograph of the hills --- made from Lann Cemetery Road looking east. Since I'd last driven that road, timber cutters have opened up a vista not previously noticed by me. It looked like home. (Left-click photos for a larger image)

On the return, we drove through Parham. Thanks to some kind soul or some group of kind souled folk, the flagpole at the old section of New Hope Cemetery at Parham now has a new, large flag. THANKS, someone or some group, for placing a much-needed new flag on the pole at the cemetery. It really looks good as you can see in this photograph.

We also drove Parham Store Road. I had to stop and photograph Canterbury Farm's pasture-full of miniature horses. These tiny, beautiful creatures make me wish for one to pet. Here is one photograph of the pasture of miniature horses at Canterbury Farm. [I believe that most of the adult miniature horses stand about 28 - 30 inches tall. Think large dog for sizing them.]

For more information about the miniature horses at Canterbury Farm near Parham, click this link to their website:
Hills, horses, high-flying flags --- what more could one ask for in Hill Country on a Spring afternoon? Oh, I visited my grave marker at Lann Cemetery. It is still a pre-need sort of marker. It is always a good day when I find my grave marker un-used.

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