Sunday, May 9, 2010

An important and must-read opinion piece from the DAILY JOURNAL 05-09-10

Posted by Terry Thornton

Sonny Scott of Sparta, Chickasaw County, Mississippi, is a community columnist for the Daily Journal published in Tupelo. His column today, Schools may be reaping important unintended negative consequences, is one of those rare, "right-on" articles about many of the major problems facing society and public schooling in what passes for education today.

I've searched for a link to the Journal's online version but don't find Scott's article there --- so go out and find a copy of page 7A, May 9, 2010, of the Sunday Journal and read what Scott has to say. I think you'll agree with him that "you can't make apple pie out of road apples."

UPDATE: Readers "Randy" and "Ann" advised me that the column was now on the Journal's website. Here is the link (thanks to Randy);

Readers of the print version of the Daily Journal are fortunate to have access to Sonny Scott's column --- but I wish the Journal would also include his work in their online version so the world could read his words.

Because Scott started his piece with the old country proverb about apple pie, I'll end this endorsement of his work with another food proverb: You can't make mayonnaise if you don't break eggs. Maybe some school administrators, but, more importantly, some parents will read Scott's words and start "breaking eggs."


Randy said...

Try this:

Terry Thornton said...

THANKS, Randy. I'm editing the article to include the link you sent.

Terry Thornton
Fulton, Mississippi