Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Thornton Road Part 2 --- A Through-the-Windshield Video

by Terry Thornton
email: hillcountrymonroecounty@gmail.com

The video below was made Sunday afternoon, May 16, 2010, on Thornton Road, Monroe County, Mississippi. Click the start buttons to view.

The portion of Thornton Road shown in Part 2 is from the high ridge overlooking Weaver's Creek, down into the bottom and across Weaver's Creek (named for my great-great-great-grandfather Frederick Weaver), and up to the top of the high ridges near Ole Smoky. Ole Smoky was the high point on the line of hills separating Weaver's Creek watershed from Splunge Creek further to the east.

See the map below for the location. Place names, road and creek name are highlighted in red; the portion of Thornton Road shown on this video is highlighted in green. (Left click map for a larger image)
Part 3 of this video follows and will show the area from the intersection of Thornton Road across the ridges along Lann Cemetery Road.


Thornton Road, Part 2. Through-the-Windshield Video. Terry Thornton, Fulton, Mississippi. May 16, 2010.

Thornton Road Map modified from the Mississippi Department of Transportation Highway Map of Monroe County. For a complete map visit www.goMDOT.com

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