Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bagpipe piping at the grave marker of Terry Thornton

Posted by Terry Thornton, Fulton , Mississippi
Music by Jean E. Orcutt, Piper, Lauderdale, Mississippi
Video made at Terry Thornton's Grave Marker, Lann Cemetery, Splunge, Mississippi

Click start button to view and to hear the video/bagpipes.

No, my pre-need marker wasn't needed yet. I was at Lann Cemetery Sunday afternoon, June 6, 2010, for the monument dedication/memorial ceremony for David Z. Palmer, CSA. A piper, Jean E. Orcutt, of Lauderdale, Mississippi, was present and provided special music for that ceremony.

After the Palmer memorial service was over I was talking to Piper Orcutt and talked her into playing a song of her choice at my marker. She laughingly agreed; I pulled up a folding chair in front of my marker and sat down to listen and to record her song. She elected to play "Sweet Hour of Prayer" one of my favorites from the Methodist Hymnal.

I sat and enjoyed her piping. Unfortunately the camera mike picked up a lot of car noise and some major wind noise --- it was breezy and relatively cool at Lann Cemetery today.

Piper Jean E. Orcutt of Lauderdale is available for weddings, funerals, celebrations and special occasions. She may be contacted by email at or at her website, Any event may be made special by a piper. And it was special today sitting in my folding chair in the cool breeze at Lann in front of my grave marker knowing I still didn't need it.

Piper Orcutt's music will be featured in later posts about the Palmer Memorial Ce.ebration


Bill West said...

Beautiful, Terry!

Jean Orcutt said...

Terry...thanks so much for the kind words. It was my great pleasure to be able to do this for you, and certainly a "first" pipe graveside for a living customer! May you have many, many more days to enjoy God's Blessings. Jean Orcutt, Piper