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Block 12. A Stitch in Time

by Terry Thornton
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A stitch in time. . . Block 12 of the circa 1931 Friendship Quilt in the Museum of the Itawamba County Historical Society

BONDS, Sybil, Block 12

Sybil Bonds is the daughter of William A. and Stella Bonds. On the 1930 census of Amory, Ward 1, Monroe County, the Bonds lived on East Pine Street. "Syble" is listed as age 8 along with her parents, William A., 50, and Stella, 50, and her brothers Wilson, 21, and Lloyd 12. William A. Bonds was listed as a purchasing agent for a lumber mill on the 1930 census.

CARPENTAR, N.B., Block 12

Noonan B. Carpenter was the 16 year-old son of Francis M. Carpenter and Margaret M. Carpenter, farmers from the Mantachie area living on the Mantachie-Tupelo Road according to the 1920 census.

In 1930, Noonan Carpenter, 26, a mechanic in an auto shop, is listed as head of a household in Beat 5 on the Fulton-Smithville Road # 25. Listed with him are wife Louise, 22, and daughter Gadys L., 2.

McNUTT, Auther, Block 12

Authur McNutt is listed as a 14 year-old son of widower Sam McNutt on the 1930 census of Beat 2, Guntown-Fulton Road. Sam, 42, was a farmer. Besides Authur, his household included daughters Josie, 11, and Willie, 7, and son James, 6.

The 1920 census of Lee County identifies Athur W. McNutt, 4, as the son of Sam A. McNutt, 32, and Grattress McNutt, 21. A sister was in the household, Josie F., 7 months.

According to Kermit McFerrin, Auther McNutt was born in Itawamba County. He married Hazel Simpson McNutt and is the father of Linda McNutt Duckworth and Kay McNutt. He was a large construction builder, a farmer, and a member of the Mantachie Methodist Church. Auther McNutt is buried in Mantachie Cemetery.

McNUTT, Josie Fay, Block 12

Josie F. McNutt was the 7 month old daughter of Sam A. McNutt, 32, and Grattress McNutt, 21, listed on the 1920 census of Beat 2, Lee County.

In 1930, she is listed as 11 years old, daughter of widower Sam McNutt, 42, a farmer in Beat 2, Itawamba County, along with her brothers Authur, 14, and James, 6, and her sister Willie, T.

According to Kermit McFerrin, Josie Faye McNutt was the mother of Mike McNutt and Andy McNutt. She was a factory worker and a member of the Mantachie Methodist Church.

Josie Faye McNutt is buried at Oak Grove Cemetery.

ORR, Dr., Block 12

In 1920, William L. Orr, 35, born in Alabama, is listed as a doctor in Fulton. The census of that year includes within his household wife, Nina F, 28, born Alabama and two daughters Ruth W., 6, and Midge, 9 months, both born in Mississippi.

The 1930 census shows the family living on Clifton Street, Fulton. Included were Dr. Orr, 44, wife Nina I., 38, and daughters Ruth, 15, Madge, 10, and Billie S., 6.

Next door in 1930 was the household of William G. Orr, 71, and wife Susie S. Orr, 68.

If you have additional information about any of the names on this quilt square, please post a comment below. Your help is needed to "write" the story of this almost eighty-year old quilt.

A stitch in time . . . The 2010 Friendship-Memory Quilt

I've subscribed to the 2010 Friendship-Memory Quilt and the square with my name is ready to be inserted into the quilt (see picture below). Won't you join this fund-raising effort involving the time-honoroed process of making a raffling off a community friendship quilt? Contact the Itawamba Historical Society at 662-282-7664 for details.

Family information from Memories from Itawamba County: A Friendship Quilt circa 1931 --- A Stitch in Time by Terry Thornton with assistance from Members of the Itawamba Historical Society, Itawamba Settlers, Quarterly Journal of the Itawamba County, Mississippi, History and Genealogy. Winter 2009, Pages 143-61.

Square from 1931 Friendship Quilt photographed by Terry Thornton, September 3, 2009, Bond's House Museum, Itawamba Historical Society, Mantachie, Mississippi.

Square from 2010 Friendship-Memory Quilt photographed by Terry Thornton, January 8, 2010, Fulton, Mississippi.

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