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Block 11. A Stitch in Time

by Terry Thornton
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A stitch in time. . . Block 11 of the circa 1931 Friendship Quilt in the Museum of the Itawamba County Historical Society

BOREN, Beatrice Mrs., Block 11

Beatrice Crawford Boren was the wife of Dr. Fletcher C. Boren of Mantachie. She and Dr. Boren are pictured in an article at Itawamba History Review, December 9, 2008.

According to the SSI Death Index, Beatrice C. Boren was born August 9, 1885 and died June 10, 1992. She is buried in the Mantachie Cemetery.

IHS member Kermit McFerrin provided the following information. Beatrice Boren, wife of Dr. Fletcher, lived to be 106 years old. A graduate of Meridian College, she served as a nurse for her husband in their medical practice. She and Dr. Boren had two children: Vernell Boren Leech and Eleanor Boren Morris.

BOREN, Eleanore, Block 11

Eleanor Boren Morris is the daughter of Beatrice and Fletcher Boren. She, according to Kermit McKerrin, was married to Charles A. Morris. Eleanor was the pianist at the Mantachie Baptist church for several years and she was the mother of two daughters, Carolyn and Janice Morris.

Eleanor Boren Morris is buried at Itawamba Memorial Garden.

Eleanor B. Morris, according to the SSI Death Index, was born December 25, 1919 and died October 17, 1996. Her place of last residence was Fulton.

BOREN, Vernell Miss, Block 11

Kermit McFerrin provides information that Vernell Boren was the daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Fletcher Boren of Mantachie. She married Bill Leech and had one son, Robert. Vernell Boren Leech is buried in Tupelo beside her husband.

CRAWFORD, Tempy Mrs., Block 11

Tempy Crawford was the wife of Robert T. Crawford. In 1930, Tempy Crawford, 81, and Robert Crawford, 77, were living with her daughter and son-in-law, Beatrice and Fletcher Boren of Mantachie.

Mrs. R.T. Crawford 1846 - 1934 is buried at Kirkville Cemetery according to Burton-Cruber.

See additional information at Mr. R. T. Crawford (below), at Beatrice Boren (above) , and at Dr. Boren (Blocks 36 and 40).

CRAWFORD, R.T. Mr., Block 11

Robert T. Crawford, 77, was enumerated on the 1930 census of Mantachie as residing in the household of his son-in-law, Dr. Fletcher C. Boren and daughter Beatrice Boren. With Mr. Crawford was his wife Tempy Crawford, 81.

R.T. Crawford 1853 - 1935 is buried in Kirkville Cemetery according to Burton-Cruber next to Mrs. R.T. Crawford.

If you have additional information about any of the names on this quilt square, please post a comment below. Your help is needed to "write" the story of this almost eighty-year old quilt.

A stitch in time . . . The 2010 Friendship-Memory Quilt

Watch for announcements of a series of public quilting bees to quilt the 2010 Friendship-Memory Quilt at the auditorium of the Itawamba Historical Society, Corner of Church Street and Museum Drive, in Mantachie, Mississippi.

Make plans to come help preserve the time-honored craft of quilting at these quilting bees. Learnings and advanced quilters are welcomed! Bring you own needle and thimble.

For more information contact the Itawamba Historical Society, PO Box 7, Mantachie, MS 38855.


Family information from Memories from Itawamba County: A Friendship Quilt circa 1931 --- A Stitch in Time by Terry Thornton with assistance from Members of the Itawamba Historical Society, Itawamba Settlers, Quarterly Journal of the Itawamba County, Mississippi, History and Genealogy. Winter 2009, Pages 143-61.

Square from 1931 Friendship Quilt photographed by Terry Thornton, September 3, 2009, Bond's House Museum, Itawamba Historical Society, Mantachie, Mississippi.

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