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by Terry Thornton

One of the early Hill Country family burial grounds is known as Irvin Cemetery. Located off Gar Irvin Road in eastern Monroe County in the area known as Sipsey Fork, Irvin Cemetery was established in the 1850s or before. The majority of the burials there are without marked or dated tombstones so it is impossible to determine when the oldest or the most recent burials were at Irvin Cemetery.

What is most evident, however, is the tremendous amount of restoration that has occurred in recent years at Irvin Cemetery. The cemetery located atop a ridge just north of Gar Irvin Road can now be reached by automobile; the cemetery is protected with a chain-link fence; the grounds have been restored and underbrush and trees removed; and all thirty-four grave sites have been marked with stones. Of those, seven are marked with readable stone markers and twenty-seven are marked as unknown.

The center-piece unknown burial is a cairn of sandstones stacked into a grave-like monument.

Irvin Cemetery is located 0.06 mile east of the intersection of Sipsey Trail and Gar Irvin Road. The cemetery road is the first woods-road to the left; it allows one to drive to the cemetery which is about 0.01 mile at the top of the hill. Two signs mark the cemetery road (which may be locked with a gate; the gate was open when we were there). There is limited parked at the top of the hill and turning around at the cemetery is difficult. Attempted access by automobile is not advised during wet weather. The cemetery grounds, enclosed by a chain link fence, have an unlocked walk-through gate near the front center. The map below provides the general location of the cemetery and the two photographs show the general conditions of the access road.

Click map for a larger view.

Irvin Cemetery Road from Gar Irvin Road.

Cemetery view

On April 7, 2010, Irvin Cemetery was photographed. From the grave marker images an inventory was prepared. The alphabetized inventory lists surname, given names or initials, birth year, death year, name of cemetery, and an image number to the grave marker photograph. Where no dates were found, the symbol nd is used. Click the image number to view the grave marker to determine exact spelling of the names, more complete dates, and additional information about family relationships.


COX, Suffronia Irvin, 1852, 1923, Irvin, imgs 7201, 7202 and 7203

IRVIN, Jacob N., 1862, 1863, Irvin, imgs 7185 and 7186

IRVIN, Martha Bell, 1860, 1863, Irvin, imgs 7187 and 7188

IRVIN, Mary Ann Lowery, 1793, 1869, Irvin, imgs 7174 and 7175

IRVIN, Rigdon, 1780, 1858, Irvin, imgs 7173 and 7176

IRVIN, Sidney Towery, 1818, 1888, Irvin, imgs 7197 and 7198

IRVIN, Thomas, 1816, 1896, Irvin, imgs 7199 and 7200

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7172

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7177

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7178

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7179

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7180

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7181

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7182

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7183

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7184

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7189

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7190

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7191

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7192

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7193

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7194

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7195

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7196

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7204

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7205

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7206

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7207

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7208

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7209

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7210

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7211

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7212

UNKNOWN, nd, Irvin, img 7213

The earliest inventory of Irvin Cemetery is the one done in May 1938 by Evans, Baker and Crawford. They listed five marked graves; all five of those marked graves survive and are included within this photographic inventory.

Thanks to Sherman Thornton of Amory for providing transportation and assistance to Irvin Cemetery.

For a short video made in Irvin Cemetery, click here.


Evans, W.A., Monroe County Mississippi Cemetery Records, as reprinted by Lowndes County [Mississippi] Department of Archives and History, 1980, page 137.

Map to Irvin Cemetery modified from the Monroe County Highway Map available at

Photographs of Irvin Cemetery by Terry Thornton, April 7, 2010.

Irvin Cemetery inventory and photographs of grave markers copyright © 2010. William T. "Terry" Thornton, Fulton, Mississippi. All Rights Reserved.

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