Thursday, June 17, 2010


Posted by Terry Thornton

Todd Palmer, Festus, Missouri, has requested the following "thank you" notice be placed at HILL COUNTRY. He was unable to personally thank everyone who assisted with the David Z. Palmer, CSA Marker Memorial Service, held recently at Lann Cemetery at Splunge, Monroe County, Mississippi.

Says Todd
"Please post a thank you from me to the following individuals and groups. I didn't have a chance to thank everyone while there who helped to make the ceremony for David Z. Palmer a wonderful event. Special thanks are extended to

The Sons Of The Confederates Camp 873 of Monroe County
C & M Monument Company of Amory
William Arinder (Banjo player)
Jolly Faulkner (Lann Cemetery care taker)
Jean Orcutt (The Bag Piper )
Rev. Don Mcaine
Pickles Funeral Home (The Tent)
Splunge Fire Deptment
Jimmy and Janette Weed
Claude and Patricia Palmer (My parents)
Stephen Palmer

All the local residents who turned out to honor David Z.Palmer

Thanks to everyone who helped out."
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According to an article and photograph in the June 16, 2010, MONROE JOURNAL, by Staff Writer Alice Ortiz, Todd Palmer was the one responsible for obtaining a replacement marker for his relative's grave and for organizing the event. Says Splunge native Ortiz, "Local descendants of David Z. Palmer, along with descendants from Missouri, Arizona, and Montana, attended the monument dedication."
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And I think that all who attended this moving and colorful service will remember it with kindness and with thanks for the opportunity to learn more about the heritage of those who once lived and served in the hills around Splunge. And speaking for the non-descendants of the Palmer line in attendance, the thanks should go to the Palmer Family and to Todd Palmer in particular for organizing and conducting this service.

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And I'm still enjoying listening to Piper Orcutt playing Sweet of Hour at my grave marker after the Palmer service had concluded.

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