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Block 35. A Stitch in Time

by Terry Thornton

A stitch in time. . . Block 35 of the circa 1931 Friendship Quilt in the Museum of the Itawamba County Historical Society

ARMSTRONG, A.S. Mr., Block 35

Alva S. Armstrong, 29 year-old farmer, is recorded on the 1920 census of Itawamba County, Beat 3. His household consisted of wife Minnie S., 21, son Escar S., 4, and daughter Mary K., five months.

The 1930 census lists the family in Beat 2 on Settlement Road as composed of Alver S. Armstrong, 39, a farmer, wife Minnie M., 32, and children Esker L., 15, Mary K., 10, and Florence, 2.

According to IHS member Kermit McFerrin, Alva S. Armstrong owned the Bonds House (now the Museum of the Itawamba Historical Society in Mantachie) for several years. Mr. Armstrong was a Deacon in the First Baptist Church of Mantachie. He is buried at Center Star Cemetery.

ARMSTRONG, A.S. Mrs., Block 35

Minnie S. Armstrong was the wife of Alva S. Armstrong. See 1920 and 1930 census information in the entry for Mr. A.S. Armstrong.

Kermit McFerrin states that Minnie S. Turman Armstrong was a Sunday school teacher at the Mantachie First Baptist Church for several years; that she worked for Reed's Garment Company; and that she and Alva S. Armstrong had three children: Escar Armstrong, Mary Kate Armstrong Sheffield, and Nell Armstrong Trammel. Minnie S. Armstrong is buried at Center Star Cemetery.

TURMAN, M.B. Mr., Block 35

M.B. Turman is listed as Marcus B Turman on the 1920 census and as Martin B. Turman on the 1910 census. Mr. Turman was a farmer and married to Florence Turman. In their 1910 household at Greenwood, Beat 4, Itawamba County, Mr. Turman is listed as being 49 years old along, Florence, 45, and three daughters, Cora, 21, Minnie, 12, Lee, 7 and two sons Potter, 14, and Esca, 9.

Thanks to IHS member Joe Sheffield for help transcribing quilt Block 35.

TURMAN, M.B. Mrs., Block 35

Florence Turman is listed as the wife of Marcus/Martin B. Turman on the 1910 and 1920 census of Itawamba County. In 1910 the Turmans are listed as residing in Greenwood, Beat 4; in 1920 they were enumerated as residing in Beat 3. In 1920 the household consisted only of Florence, age 53, and Marcus B. Turman, age 69.

If you have additional information about any of the names on this quilt square, please post a comment below. Your help is needed to "write" the story of this almost eighty-year old quilt.

A stitch in time . . . The 2010 Friendship-Memory Quilt

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Family information from Memories from Itawamba County: A Friendship Quilt circa 1931 --- A Stitch in Time by Terry Thornton with assistance from Members of the Itawamba Historical Society, Itawamba Settlers, Quarterly Journal of the Itawamba County, Mississippi, History and Genealogy. Winter 2009, Pages 143-61.

Square from 1931 Friendship Quilt photographed by Terry Thornton, September 3, 2009, Bond's House Museum, Itawamba Historical Society, Mantachie, Mississippi.

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